Thursday, December 27, 2007

Steve The Penguin

Warm, sunny, high cost of living, bright, and hot are adjectives that can describe both Los Angeles, CA and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. But although many similar adjectives can be applied to both, each locale has its unique identity and essence. Steve the Penguin by Mahlena-Rae Johnson invites the reader into the inner workings of both.

Set against the backdrop of Bianca Reagan's ten year highschool reunion in her hometown, this novel illustrates the struggles of mid-twenties in a funny and entertaining way. The clashing of a perpetuated identity lingering from highschool collides with the evolving identity that Bianca Reagan has chosen for herself. Running into long-last pals, dealing with new friend's drama, and connecting with an old crush delivers plenty of laughs yet elicits a sense of lose for days that can no longer be had.

I thorougly enjoyed this book and would recommend this book to others. If you want to see how Bianca Reagan deals with maintaining a fast-paced life of an Angeleno, catching up with old friends, and exploring feelings for an old crush all within a week, then pick up this book and read it!

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Bianca Reagan said...

Look, it's my first review! Hooray for me! Exclamation point!